SO.SU.CAM Company Information

Operating in Central Africa for over 40 years, the SUSOCAM has developed a line of products to satisfy the demanding clientele. The sugar complex of SOSUCAM is settled in M'Bandjock along the Sanaga river valley, located at 150 km North-East of Yaoundé, the administrative capital of Cameroon. M'Bandjock is linked by road and railway to Yaoundé and Douala, the port giving access to Atlantic Ocean. Roads are negotiable and most of the time asphalt roads.
SOSUCAM owns  :

    *  65,250 ha of agricultural land,
    * a sugar factory with a crushing capacity of 12,300 ton of sugar cane a day,
    * a refinery with a production capacity of 980 t of white sugar a day,
    * four sugar cube machines made by Chambon with a production capacity of 100 tons/day each, and will soon equip the plant to bag granulated sugar into sachets,
    * five warehouses spread out in the country.

Since the beginning, SOSUCAM has expanded many times, thus growing from 1,500,000 tonnes to 2,400,000 tonnes of sugar today. The last expansion done in 2006, will allow production to reach 3,500,000 tonnes of sugar before 2015.